Advantages of Having a Website

By having a website, your business or project becomes available online, allowing customers and visitors to access your content, products, or services anytime they want. This enables you to independently manage your business without time constraints and engage in continuous marketing and sales efforts

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Types of Websites

shopping website

In these types of websites, you showcase your products, and customers can view and purchase them at any time of the day or night

educational website

In this type of website, you teach and sell your training package, and you can also conduct an online test

Corporate site

On corporate websites, you strengthen your brand and introduce the services you provide in the company

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?what are the goals of creating a website

Increase the amount of sales and visits
Provision of services without time and place limitations
Easier customer trust
Made by a well-known brand
Advertising and attracting customers without hassle from Google
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?what is a content management system

Content Management System (CMS) is a software or platform that allows users to manage and publish content on websites or other programs. These systems provide tools and capabilities that allow users to easily manage their website content and make changes without the need for deep programming knowledge. 40% of the websites built with the popular WordPress cms are created. Microsoft, Playstation, Walt Disney and Spotify are some of the famous examples